250GB - 1TB Windows 11 Pro 64bit + Super Fast SATA SSD / HDD 2.5" Legacy Mode For Sale

250GB - 1TB Windows 11 Pro 64bit + Super Fast SATA SSD / HDD 2.5

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250GB - 1TB Windows 11 Pro 64bit + Super Fast SATA SSD / HDD 2.5" Legacy Mode:

What makes difference just install regular windows 11 myself?The standard Windows 11 operating system necessitates a high-specification configuration, including an Intel 8th generation CPU and TPMS 2.0 motherboard. If these components are currently outside of your budget, we recommend purchasing this kit that can run Windows 11 without encountering any issues. Our product is free of bloatware and adware, and adheres to official Microsoft guidelines to enable compatibility with most PCs.
Features:Plug and Play. Genuine Windows 11 Pro 64bit installed. Please perform latest updates if it's available.
Installation guide:1. Turn off and pull out power cord of your PC or laptop and Install the SSD2. Plug in all the necessory cables and screws3. Turn on your PC/Laptop to see if it boot or not (If it won't boot, please look 3-1, 3-2, 3-3) 3-1. Go to BIOS setting* 3-2 Select Legacy mode(Secure boot off) 3-3. Let it boot (The screen may show nothing or looks stuck in logo page or even flickers few times). Please be patience for first time boot.4. After boot up, perform a driver update through windows update and input license key if requires5. Done
* You don't know how to get into the the BIOS? Please refer here!ASRock Acer:F2 or DELLASUS:F2 for all PCs, F2 or DEL for MotherboardsDell:F2 or F12ECS, Zotac:DELGigabyte / Aorus:F2 or DELHP:F10Lenovo (Consumer Laptops):F2 or Fn + F2Lenovo (Desktops):F1Lenovo (ThinkPads):Enter then F1.MSI:DEL for motherboards and PCsMicrosoft Surface Tablets:Press and hold volume up button.Origin PC, Samsung, Toshiba:F2
Driver installation:Most of drivers will be installed automatically but some of them you will have to manually install it.After automatic update done,If you still see missing drivers please follow the instructions below
  • 1. Open Settings on Windows 11.
  • 2. Click on Windows Update.
  • 3. Click the Advanced options on the right side.
  • 4. Under the “Additional updates” section, click the Optional updates setting.
  • 5. Select the optional update or driver for Windows 11.
  • *If you can't connect to internet: Windows don't support certain brand's WIFI or LAN driver so in that case you will need to install the driver manually.

ACTIVATION:This is a genuine version of Windows - not a pirated 'pre-activated' one. Activation therefore required if your laptop/desktop does not have digital license for the windows version installed.Windows may automatically activate if you ever had an activated version of previous windows such as windows 8 or 10. Except that, you will have to buy your own license! We do NOT ever provide a product key.

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