Amiga 1200 & 4000 WhdLoad Titles Exclusive 256 Gb SD Card for KS 3.1 For Sale

Amiga 1200 & 4000 WhdLoad Titles Exclusive 256 Gb SD Card for KS 3.1

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Amiga 1200 & 4000 WhdLoad Titles Exclusive 256 Gb SD Card for KS 3.1:


Please read Everything


new OS DeLuxe,256 gb SD card for A1200 - A4000

this is exclusive collection for Amiga Lovers.

it comes withiWHDload titlesandMac0S7.6.1

pfs3 file system which allow to load much faster all files and directories

Before offerding or buying my items if you have questions please ask !

You might get differentSDcard brand,or microSD card with adapter whatever i have available !!!

This card is formatted, partitioned and full of games and utils.
It is installed with WHDLoad for you to play all the games you need and also lots of games.


Content of the hard disk
. Classic Games A-Z
. AGA Games
. CD32 & CDTV Games
. Bonus Games
. Amiga Demos & Utilities

+ rare amiga 3d content

Games + Applications + Utils

-please note memory card is required to work- min 8MB RECOMMENDED.
-works on ROM 3.1

Macintosh PART:

-direct Mac0S_link from desktop.

-Mac0S7.6.1 preloaded ( with option to switch to system 7.5.3 )

-4 gb system hard drive( mac0S 7.6.1 )

-4 gb storage hard drive( mac0S 7.6.1 )

-2 gb system hard drive option( System 7.5.3 )

-you can use amiga floppy drive as macintosh floppy drive ! ( 720kb)

-configuration made perfectly for your Amiga, works very well

- min 16 mb ramrecommended

-in storage part, files are .sit .bin .hqx ; expand them and install them!

- if you haveaccelerator likeblizzard, your Amiga will work faster than real low-end Macintosh !

be informed:If your software games crash ( Whdload ) this is because of incorrect formatting of drive or your memory card not set correctly or wrong kickstart rom.

Please look for my other offers fordifferentcapacities SD cards and for different Kickstarts.

NOTE : Not all games-softwares tested

Does not include the Amiga computerorTV!

shipping from Russia/St.Petersburg, with airmail and track no. arrives in 2-4 weeks.

PLEASE read carefully, pandemia update:

the item could arrive later than normal times,

approximate delivery time takes 7-8 weeks.

be informed!

payment: paypal onlyhandling in 3-5 working days.
if you have any questions, Email me :-)

This item only includes material from Public Domain, distributed over the Internet and available freely.
The price charged for this item is for the cost of is creation, like the time spent on the setup, or the cost of material, for example. There is no charge for any kind of ROM, since they are free.
Any Purchases of this item automatically has a contractually agreeing of this rules:
- all games/roms are meant to archival purposes only;
- the buyer will NOT MAKE any kind of illegal distribution;
- the buyer assumes all responsibilities for the use of this item;Copyright Notice
There are no copyrighted material on this item!
All the content of this item is supplied "free of charge".ALLOW MINOR CHANGES ON PICTURES DUE TO PRODUCT ENHANCEMENT.

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