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Atari 800xl (.n3)

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Atari 800xl (.n3):

Atari 800xl - goog condition, works - tested , power adapter., joystick, XC-12The Atari 800XL, together with the 600XL, were successors of theAtari 400/800series and the unsuccessfulAtari 1200 XLin a more compact case. They could use almost the same software, just so long as the program was written correctly, because of some slight differences between OS versions.

The 800XL had 64 KB of RAM, two joystick ports and kept all the custom chips (Pokey, GTIA, Antic) of the previous models. It also featured the new Parallel Bus Interface (PBI) providing high speed access to the system bus. The new version of the graphic Antic chip offered 16 graphics modes instead of 12 for the 800.

An enhanced version, called800XLF, appeared in summer 1984. It was equipped with the new "Freddie" chip which allowed faster memory management, especially for graphics display. This version was released in Europe with SECAM video interface.

Alongside theCommodore 64and theApple II, the 600 and 800XL were among the most popular home computers.
They would be replaced in 1985 with theXEseries when Atari launched theST.

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