CBM 390722-02 rom chip for Amiga 2091 in nice condition. For Sale

CBM 390722-02 rom chip for Amiga 2091 in nice condition.

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CBM 390722-02 rom chip for Amiga 2091 in nice condition. :

Amiga CBM (Commodore Business Machines) 390722-02 V6.6 F929 IC chip in new or like-new condition. Apparently this chip is a chip for the Amiga 2091. Fifteen or twenty years ago we picked up a few of these from a major corporation that used to refurbish Commodore and Amiga computers. They came to us in factory looking chip tubes. We picked up around ten thousand other Commodore and Amiga chips from the same source and have sold thousands of them over the last 12 or 15 years with great success and very few problems.

We ship these chips in special static-resistant chip boxes with black crisp anti-static foam to protect them.

The photo shown may vary slightly from the actual chip you receive and the date production code may be different. These chips are in nice overall condition but may not be in mint condition due to the fact that they have been stored in chip tubes which may have scratched them slightly or caused other minor blemishes. We take note of the production date codes of all chips shipped and oftentimes put little warranty stickers on the bottom of the chips which we ship in order to make sure that any returns are chips which we actually sold. Any returned chips which do not match the production date codes or which have missing or damaged warranty stickers will not be refunded. If you don't want little warranty stickers on the bottom of these please contact us before ordering to make special arrangements.Note: Our shipping price is a couple of dollars higher than our actual shipping cost on these normally because of our cost on the special anti-static boxes which we ship them in.We have been selling Commodore hardware, parts and accessories for nearly 33 years (since 1983) and have a great reputation.

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