Commodore Amiga 500 Computer, hard drive, miracle piano system (nice bundle) -VG For Sale

Commodore Amiga 500 Computer, hard drive, miracle piano system (nice bundle) -VG

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Commodore Amiga 500 Computer, hard drive, miracle piano system (nice bundle) -VG:

This is a very nice Amiga 500 bundle with Miracle Piano system, games, additional external 3.5" floppy drive, monitor, video adapter (to connect to another non-Commodore monitor), and GVP hard drive. It boots up really fast from the hard drive and no diskette is required. I will include a bootable Workbench 1.3 diskette just in case for some reason you want to disconnect the hard drive.
This Commodore computer system and the piano keyboard were stored in a dark, dry, cool and safe location for the past few years while I wasn't using them.
The Miracle Piano System for the Amiga was developed to teach kids how to play piano. It provides number of lessons of increasing difficulty but still easy to follow for kids. If you are planning to teach your kid how to play a piano, this should be a good start. In my opinion, some parental guidance is still required to prepare the child for the lesson and to make sure he or she follows through. You can find more information and videos by googling "Miracle Piano for Amiga".I tested it today and as you can see, everything works.Everything is original Commodore and Miracle Piano items, including all the cables and power adapters. It will be packed in the pictured original Amiga computer and monitor boxes (both the computer and monitor will be double-boxed). Miracle Piano keyboard will be carefully packed into a third, separate box.
Mouse is very clean in excellent shape, and I must say it works better than the bluetooth mouse on my computer!
I included some used games that worked few years ago, and two of them are still unopened and shrink-wrapped.
Due to the nature of the 3.5 inch diskette media, I cannot guarantee that they will still work (on your request I will do my best to test them again, time permitting).
Please check my response and buy with confidence, and ask questions if you need any additional information.
I offer free pickup and an opportunity to test these items, in Los Angeles area.
Thanks for looking!NOTE: The monitor pictured and included in this listing is model 1084S, or to be exact Model No. 1084 S-D 120V~60Hz 1.0A (the box I will send it in is from 1080 model). The picture is very sharp and stays sharp, colors don't fade. Some older cathode-ray monitors have this problem where quality of the picture will quickly deteriorate with time, when they get warmer after 10 or 20 minutes of use. The picture then gets blurry and colors washed out. But not this monitor, the picture will stay the same during the time you will use it (don't forget to turn it off after use).

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