Commodore Amiga A4000T Tower Computer For Sale

Commodore Amiga A4000T  Tower  Computer
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Commodore Amiga A4000T Tower Computer:

Amiga 4000T withCyberStorm MK II & 128 MB RAM


  • CyberStorm MK 2 (128 MB 60 ns RAM) – a 66 MHz crystal in included
  • 256 MB Zorro III BigRAMPlus
  • Thylacine-mini 4-port USB board
  • A4000T keyboard with mouse and keys to the (working) Lock Out switch
  • OS 3.2.2 installed (with retail CD – license number on inside cover). Keyto lock out the user are included.
  • 2-Way VGA switch and cables to change between video outputs

  • Elbox Mediator:

    • VooDoo 3 - 16 MB Video card
    • FastEthernet card – 100 MB/s
    • Creative Labs CT-5807 SoundBlastercompatible card


  • Has both a coin cell holder (for use with a rechargeable 2032), and canuse an AT-style battery pack of AA batteries.
  • AT power supply has been upgraded for 300W using a new Cooler MasterSleeve Bearing 80mm Silent Fan.
  • Floppy replaced with a HD 1.76 GB 357A Chinon.
  • Gotek Floppy emulator.
  • DVD/CD (R/W) drive (the Amiga can read DVDs and using the included Frying Pan software the drive can write both DVDs and CDs).
  • Storage:

  • ZuluSCSI 32 GBcard on the SCSI bus (6 – 7 MB/s transfer speed– see SysInfo).
  • Software:

    • Original AmigaOS3.2 CD package with registration number and original OS 3.1 floppy set
    • Updates to the OS are stored on the Storage partition
    • Other software accumulated from, Aminet, and other sources of freely downloadable software

    Shipping (costs set by ):

    The A4000T shipsin its own box 24 x 24 x 9 in (18 Kg / 41 Lbs)

    A second box containsthe keyboard, mouse, power cord -- 21 x 10 x 5 in (3 Kg / 6 Lbs 12 Oz).

    Cards that rest in slots will be removed prior to shipping (Thylacine, BigRAMPlus, and Mediator Bridge card)

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