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Beautiful collector-quality early production 1984 original Apple Macintosh 1st Model M0001 Mac 128K! Rare NON-upgraded fully tested and working set! Week 9 of 1984 production, early original Macintosh made not long after the original Macintosh launch which was in late January 1984. Complete with original keyboard and mouse, plus the rare original Picasso white plastic accessory kit box with genuine original early 1984 Apple Macintosh Version A System Disk, early 1984 Version A Macintosh Owner's Guide, unused Steve Jobs MacWorld Magazine offer sheet, and more!

This original Macintosh is fully operational, clean and detailed all around, ready for prominent display and use by the new owner, it needs nothing! Smoke-free climate-controlled use and storage so no smoke or old musty odors absorbed into any of the included items which greatly detract from condition and value, but of course can not known from online photos, so make sure you know before you invest. All photos are of the exact items buyer will receive.

I have sold 1984 Macintosh 128K sets like this here on for 18+ years with hundreds of satisfied Mac buyers from around the world! Review my selling response and seller star ratings from buyers, including recent response for similar 1984 Macintosh 128K sets sold. All items exactly as shown and described, and packed securely with brand new high quality materials to protect in shipment. I will help resolve any issues and provide assistance after the sale if needed. Continuously active member under this same account since 1999 and always maintain a fully stocked store.

January 2019 marked the 35th Anniversary of the launch of this first Macintosh M0001 128K model. The original Macintosh was introduced with the famous Orwellian '1984' commercial during the Super Bowl on January 22, 1984, and was the very first reasonably affordable personal computer to use a mouse and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with desktop icons.

This Macintosh was produced duringweek 9 of 1984 as decoded from the serial # label on the Mac that begins withF409 (F= Fremont, CA production plant, 4= 1984, 09= 9th week of year). Original mouse and keyboard are week 8 and week 9 of 1984 production respectively, as decoded from their serial numbers. This unit has the original 'Macintosh' emblem on rear (later 1984 production M0001 Macs had a revised 'Macintosh 128k' emblem starting during week 47 of production,all Macs produced before then had this original "Macintosh" emblem). Steve Jobs and the original Macintosh team signatures are molded inside the rear case housing.

Macintosh system unit- (Model M0001 128K)- Original beige/cream color, not all darkly yellowed, discolored, mismatched, marked up, cracked, scratched up, or damaged like many are now. No marker writing, no stickers, no old sticker outlines, no missing parts, no engravings, only minor imperfections and discoloring as expected for a 35 year old previously used computer. Very hard to find now in this nice clean cosmetic condition. NO ugly pry marks to any of the case seams of the Mac as this unit was never pried apart improperly with the wrong tools like many were, which greatly detracts from appearance and value. Many Macs have ugly nicks and chips to the plastic all along the the seams where the front and rear cases meet, but often is not shown or can not be seen in photos. Screen is bright, crisp, and stable with no burned-in image, or scratches on the glass. No corrosion in the rear clock battery compartment compared to many that had an old battery left in for years that leaked out and caused internal corrosion and damage. All four original beige rubber feet on bottom of case and clean, not sticky or deteriorated and sticky like many are. Inside of Mac case is exceptionally clean, no corrosion, no dirt or dust, properly stored.

Original Sony 400K Single-Sided Internal Disk Drive- Disk insert and eject mechanism cleaned and re-lubed so disks go in and out smoothly like new again. Drive read/write head cleaned and tested. Included disksload, run, and eject as expected. Original Macs are completely dependent on the floppy drive, as there is no hard drive, so having a properly serviced and tested floppy disk drive like this Mac is essential for reliable use as originally designed.

Original 1984 Apple Macintosh keyboard- (Model # M0110) Original beige/cream color. Includes original curled flexible keyboard cable with undamaged prong clip connectors on each end (not broken off like many are now that will not firmly connect), coil cable nice and tight not all stretched out like heavily worn ones. Week 9 of 1984 production from the serial # staring with G409 (4= 1984, 09 =week 9). All four original rubber feet still on bottom, not sticky, clean excellent condition. All keys are clean and functional, no dust or dirt between keys, every key tested to register working on the Mac display.

Original 1984 Apple Macintosh one-button mouse- (Model # M0100)Original early square style mouse connector with screws to attach securely to the Mac.Original beige/cream color. Week 8 of 1984 production from the serial # starting with G408 (4= 1984, 08 = week 8). Clean, rolls smoothly, and working perfectly.

Mac mice and keyboards were made at a different production plant than Macs, then were later paired with a Mac for final packaging and shipment, so will always be from right around the same timeframe of production as the Mac if they are the originals that came with the Mac, not from a much earlier and certainly not from a much later week of production than the Mac, as completed Mac units were not left sitting around waiting weeks for a mouse and keyboard, they were shipped right out with the accessories already produced and available. This is a matching original set as it came from Apple 1984.

Original Picasso Mac Accessory Kit- Rare original Mac white plastic Picasso Accessory Kit box. Not all heavily yellowed like many are now, the one side of lid and part of the bottom half do show some discoloration, as if those portions of the box were exposed to light. NO cracks to lid or tray corners unlike many that will have cracks and splits to the plastic. Apple logos are embossed into inside tray. Original "A Guided Tour of Macintosh" audio cassette in case. Original power cord sleeve with Picasso graphics, actual power cord will be a new generic non-original cord, tan color. UNUSED early 1984 version A Steve Jobs MacWorld Magazine offer sheet, and rare January 1984 Macintosh Update sheet!

Genuine Apple 400K Mac disk- Original early 1984 "Macintosh System Disk", Version A as seen on rear label. Disk fully tested and working on this Mac with the recently serviced internal disk drive. Original disk label in excellent clean condition.

Macintosh Owner's Guide- Version A, early 1984, 160+ pages. No writing on cover or on any of the interior pages. Very nice crisp and clean with all pages and both covers securely attached to the spiral binding. Nice clean white covers with Picasso-style original Mac graphics on front, some minor spotting on cover.

This original working 1984 Macintosh Model M0001 128K set will be the highlight of your Apple computer collection for years to come. Use Buy It Now or make a strong quality offer, lowball offers automatically declined. PayPal is required, immediate payment due at time of purchase or upon acceptance of an offer. DO NOT make an offer if you can not pay in full immediately!

Shippingvia FedEx Home Delivery/Ground in continental US including full insurance and online tracking number, Direct Signature of buyer required at delivery due to value. Components wrapped in thick, brand new high-quality large bubble wrap, packaged securely in anew box, then that box surrounded by several inches of new dense packing peanuts inside of a new outer 20 inch square shipping box labelled with large bright green FRAGILE stickers all around to ensure safe transit! Never had a Mac damaged in shipment!

International shipping isONLY via the official Global Shipping Programoffered through this listing, NO shipping to any third-party freight-forwarding companies or third-party individuals for reshipment to buyer. Do NOT buy if you are located outside US and intend to use any private re-shipper service in place of the official Global Shipping Program which offers full protection to both buyer and seller.

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