Fully Functional Historic MITS Altair 8800 S-100 System. Working when packed For Sale

Fully Functional Historic MITS Altair 8800 S-100 System. Working when packed

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Fully Functional Historic MITS Altair 8800 S-100 System. Working when packed:

This is a seller-refurbished Altair 8800 System. Two static memory configurations for power users. All boards are original MITS Altair boards. Working when packed status saves time & risk. Reasonable Technical Support Provided.Documentation:
MITS Engineering Manager Tom Durston used this Altair 8800 system to develop the Altair Floppy Disk Drive controller, the Floppy Disk Drive system, 88-ACR, 4K static board, and evaluate hundreds of enhancements, many of which were implemented in the 8800B. This Altair was born March 4 1975 and upgraded bit by bit, improvements made along the way, until it is the equivalent of the most powerful Floppy Disk Altairs, The unique dual-drive floppy disk system has two Pertec FD400 8-inch drives. The drives were aligned and serviced and work well with the included MITS Floppy Disk Controllers. MITS Altair Software copies and blank diskettes included. The system provides a full 64K of static memory to run all MITS software, including Altair Accounting Software. An 88-PMC PROM Memory board and three 4K static memory boards provide and alternate 60K memory configuration. All memory passed two memory diagnostic tests. A Turnkey Module and 88-PMC 1702A PROM Memory Card provide the latest Altair PROM Monitors and also support older MITS firmware. The system supports three RS-232 ports. The Console port connects to an included USB adapter or an included GW31 Serial to Ethernet server. A Serial to Ethernet Server allows this Altair to be operated over a LAN or the internet. SHIPPING AND HANDLING. Ships UPS to US locations only, No International Shipping. Shipping and handling is $500. Excess shipping refunded after actual charges are determined. Recycled packing was used to save costs. New boxes and materials were purchased as needed. The system is double-boxed and packed in seven or more packages. CONDITION: Used. See photos and links. Boots operating systems, copies diskettes, and runs memory tests.
The system was tested and working when packed. The system is sold "AS IS" because of age and problems that can occur during
assembly. Reasonable Technical Support provided over email or phone.What is included:
  • Custom Altair 8800 Front Panel Mainframe
  • Custom Two-Drive Altair Floppy Cabinet
  • 88-2SIO two port RS-232 serial board with CTS on port 2
  • Custom Front Panel Interface
  • 8800B CPU BD REV 0-X4
  • Disk Controller 1/2
  • Disk Controller 2/2
  • 88-16MCS, 16K Static Memory
  • 88-16MCS, 16K Static Memory
  • 88-16MCS, 16K Static Memory
  • Altair Turnkey Module with CLG Mod & internal cable
  • 88-16MCS, 16K Static Memory
  • 88-PMC Prom Memory Card with ALTMON Monitor & DBL Boot PROM
  • 88-4MCS 4K Static Memory
  • 88-4MCS 4K Static Memory
  • 88-4MCS 4K Static Memory The software is a reproduction of the original diskette. The bootable diskettes are provided for research. No software license is included. Burcon 59K CP/M 2.2, Rel 2010
    CP/M on MITS Disk, 48K Version CP/M 1.41, Rel 2010
    Blank formatted Diskette for copying. MITS Format
    Altair TCS Fast Diskette Copy 4/22/78
    Altair DISK EXTENDED BASIC 300-5-F 18MAY79
    Altair DISK EXTENDED BASIC 300-5-C 01NOV78
    Remote CP/M (download)
    Altair Accounting Software (download)
    Blank Diskettes (10)Serial cables for RS-232 (two)Original Console & RS-232 CablesWHQL USB to RS-232 converter (Window 10 support)GW312 RS-232 to Ethernet Server (2 port) CAT6 flat Ethernet cable

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