HP Integrity RX7640 Server AB312A AD064A AB447A AD242A AD316A HP-UX Linux IA64 For Sale

HP Integrity RX7640 Server AB312A AD064A AB447A AD242A AD316A HP-UX Linux IA64

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HP Integrity RX7640 Server AB312A AD064A AB447A AD242A AD316A HP-UX Linux IA64:

HP 9000 RX7640 Enterprise Server Cypress Technology, Inc.

Over 20 years of specializing in buying and selling used / refurbished Hewlett-Packard Series 3000 & 9000 hardware, ranging from the early 1970’s to the present date.

Product for sale:

HP Itanium RX7640 Server - configured with:
8 x Dual-core 1.6GHz with 24 MB L3 cache (Intel Itanium 9150N – Montvale processor) (16-cores)
2 x Processor/memory cell board
1 x Core I/O
16 x 16GB Memory Kits (256GB total)
2 x 300GB Ultra320 10k disk drives
1 x DVD-ROM drive
1 x ATI ES1000 Graphics card w/ 128Mbits of memory
1 x Rack kit
1 x HP power distribution unit: L6-30P Plug, 30 Amp, 200-240V (E7681A)
HP-UX 11.31 DC-OE loaded

Note: these servers can also be custom configured to your specifications. Call or email to receive a custom configuration on this server. Feel free to call or email with any technical, shipping, or other related questions about this server.

Product Overview & Specifications

The HP Integrity rx7640 Server offers high-end performance, functionality, and value in the midrange class. The combination of Dual-Core Intel Itanium processors and the processor-enhancing capabilities of the cell-based HP Super-Scalable Processor Chipset sx2000 (PDF, 58 KB) makes the Integrity rx7640 Server a trusted platform for business-critical IT operations.The HP Integrity rx7640 Server exceeds the demands for consolidation, scale-up, simplified management, and performance workloads such as:* Enterprise Resource Planning
* Customer Relationship Management
* Business intelligence
* Database housing
* Financials and billingThe Integrity rx8640 Server’s innovations in virtualization, scalability, and availability enable you to accelerate business growth, lower costs, and mitigate risk. Take advantage of multiple operating-system support:Maximum CPU: 8 Dual core 1.6GHz CPU (16-cores)
Maximum Memory: 256GB
Maximum Internal Disk: 4
Maximum Media drives: 2
Maximum PCI-X I/O slots: 16
Maximum hard partitions (nPartitions): 2 Standard Ports per Core I/O
Two Internal Ultra320 SCSI channels
1 GbE LAN ports
Management Processor technology with Integrated LAN console

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