IBM 1130 Computing System Binary Load 3 Box Card Deck For Sale

IBM 1130 Computing System Binary Load 3 Box Card Deck

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IBM 1130 Computing System Binary Load 3 Box Card Deck:

IBM 1130 Computing System Binary Load Card Deck. 3 Boxes. Shipped Fed Ex Ground.
You are offerding on (what I believe to be) a complete IBM 1130 Operating System binary card deck in 3 punched card boxes. This deck was last used approximately 50 years ago to build a single cartridge boot disk for an IBM 1130 computer system with a high speed reader/punch and an IBM 1132 drum printer.
The boxes read "DM VII L10" (Disk Monitor Version 2 Level 10 ?).
Also included are three cold start punch cards (labeled "Cold Start V.2") that were used to IPL the created system cartridge.
According to the labels on the card decks, contents are:
  • System Loader Phase 1
  • Skeleton Supervisor
  • System Loader Phase 2
  • DUP (Disk Utility Routines
  • CI Loader
  • RPG
  • DUP Control Phase 2
  • MACRO Assember
  • Standard Precision Subroutines
  • Extended Precision Subroutines
  • Common LIBF and Call Subroutines
  • ILS - ISS Conversion and Utility Routines
  • Plotter Subroutines
  • SCA Subroutines
  • RPG Subroutines
  • Subroutines (FEB41, TSM41, MTCAO, TSTTY, MTCAZ)
  • DCIP
  • 1132 Core Dump 1403
  • Sample FORTRAN program
  • Sample Assember program
  • Sample RPG program
  • Sample program for card assembler

These boxes are HEAVY (total weight about 40 pounds). Each card deck box will be wrapped and tape closed, wrapped in bubble wrap and the 3 box set packed securely into a single box for shipping. Shipping will be Fed Ex Ground with tracking.

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