IBM Mainframe on PC-> myVM370 The Original Virtual Machine For Sale

IBM Mainframe on PC-> myVM370 The Original Virtual Machine

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IBM Mainframe on PC-> myVM370 The Original Virtual Machine:

Vintage IBM VM/370 Rel 6
myVM370 lets you run the IBM VM/370 operating system from 1974 on your PC with an easy to use GUI. The VM/370 system supplied is known as the "Sixpack" and has many compilers and features. The Sixpack is a well developed usable VM370 system. It comes with two 3279 emulators for the system console and VM user. It runs on Windows 7, 8, and the new Windows 10, and Linux. Instructions are provided to install and boot the OS

VBBlue3270 is a 3270 terminal emulator that can be used to connect to VM370 as a normal user would in a mainframe shop. You can have your myVM370 running in your basement computer room and connect to it with this terminal emulator from anywhere else in the house, or if you adjust your home router/firewall the internet as well.

As an additional perk, I now include the java VintageBBS telnet client on the CD. This allows you to connect to the over 300 bulletin board systems still operating in the US. The presentation has the same proportions as the old style PC monitors in use in that day. It includes a search feature to find the 5 closest BBS's to your specified ZIP code.

It comes on a CD setup and ready to boot, a 32 and 64 bit Hercules Windows installer, the Hercules source tarball for building on Linux, and the Java runtime environment installation package for Windows. For Linux the Java runtime would need to be downloaded from Oracle or installed from your repository.

Shipping is free via USPS First Class Mail to US locations. International shipping is $2 via USPS First Class Mail. PayPal verified addresses only. Total cost is $14.95 for US destinations, $16.95 for international destinations paid via PayPal only. If you are not satisfied you may request a full refund without the need to return the CD as long as you do so within 14 days of purchase.

For a CD combining 6 different vintage mainframe operating systems - search for myMainframe

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