IBM x3500 M3 Server 7380AC1 Tower Intel E5645 2.4GHz 12GB RAM 8x2.5 1x PSU For Sale

IBM x3500 M3 Server 7380AC1 Tower Intel E5645 2.4GHz 12GB RAM 8x2.5 1x PSU

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IBM x3500 M3 Server 7380AC1 Tower Intel E5645 2.4GHz 12GB RAM 8x2.5 1x PSU:

Please contact me about any significant problems with your order. I prefer to offer my buyers a 5-star buying experience and value your positive response. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Condition: Used, Working, No HDD, No HDD Caddies, and No OS installed If a power adapter is required for this item, it is Not IncludedIf a power cord is required for this item, it is Not IncludedShows signs of normal use w/ some scuffs / scratches / blemishes / sticker residue

Licenses / Subscriptions / Ability to Register Devices is Not guaranteed.
We do not have the ability to transfer licenses.

No other accessories / hardware / software.
Power cords are not included unless permanently attached to device SKU: UID-6238
When making offers:

Please do not make any notes in comments otherwise our system will automatically decline the offers.
We do not negotaiate via the offer notes.
Please do not request additional parts or discounts or special favours via the offer message as it will be automatically declined.
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Freight Shipments are available to major cities in Canada - $475/pallet
Please contact for freight shipments to other locations. For this item, these are the following discounted rates for shipping wordwide. Due to website limitations, please contact after purchase to apply these rates.
CountryShipping CostShipping Cost / Additional QuantityAF - Afghanistan$1855.99$973.99AO - Angola$1859.99$975.99AR - Argentina$1524.99$799.99AT - Austria$900.99$472.99AU - Australia$1335.99$700.99AW - Aruba$945.99$495.99BD - Bangladesh$1340.99$703.99BE - Belgium$896.99$469.99BH - Bahrain$1346.99$706.99BM - Bermuda$944.99$495.99BN - Brunei Darussalam$1331.99$698.99BR - Brazil$1555.99$815.99BS - Bahamas$945.99$495.99CD - Congo, The Democratic Republic of the.$1855.99$973.99CH - Switzerland$900.99$472.99CN - China$1329.99$697.99CO - Colombia$1524.99$799.99CY - Cyprus$1346.99$706.99CZ - Czech Republic$1862.99$977.99DE - Germany$894.99$468.99DK - Denmark$900.99$472.99DZ - Algeria$1855.99$973.99EC - Ecuador$1528.99$801.99EE - Estonia$1863.99$977.99EG - Egypt$1340.99$703.99ES - Spain$900.99$472.99ET - Ethiopia$1855.99$973.99FI - Finland$900.99$472.99FR - France$894.99$468.99GB - United Kingdom$894.99$468.99GR - Greece$900.99$472.99HK - Hong Kong$948.99$497.99HR - Croatia$1885.99$989.99HU - Hungary$1855.99$973.99ID - Indonesia$1355.99$710.99IE - Ireland$894.99$468.99IL - Israel$1340.99$703.99IN - India$1325.99$695.99IQ - Iraq$1340.99$703.99IS - Iceland$904.99$474.99IT - Italy$894.99$468.99JO - Jordan$1340.99$703.99JP - Japan$948.99$497.99KE - Kenya$1855.99$973.99KR - South Korea$948.99$497.99LT - Lithuania$1863.99$977.99LU - Luxembourg$899.99$471.99MA - Morocco$1855.99$973.99MC - Monaco$896.99$469.99MN - Mongolia$1855.99$973.99MO - Macau$951.99$498.99MT - Malta$904.99$474.99MX - Mexico$921.99$483.99MY - Malaysia$1331.99$698.99NG - Nigeria$1855.99$973.99NL - Netherlands$894.99$468.99NO - Norway$900.99$472.99NZ - New Zealand$1299.99$681.99OM - Oman$1346.99$706.99PE - Peru$1524.99$799.99PH - Philippines$1355.99$710.99PK - Pakistan$1340.99$703.99PL - Poland$1855.99$973.99PT - Portugal$905.99$474.99QA - Qatar$1343.99$704.99RO - Romania$1859.99$975.99RS - Serbia$1855.99$973.99RU - Russia$1867.99$979.99SA - Saudi Arabia$1340.99$703.99SC - Seychelles$1863.99$977.99SE - Sweden$930.99$487.99SG - Singapore$948.99$497.99SK - Slovakia$1859.99$975.99SM - San Marino$929.99$487.99TH - Thailand$1325.99$695.99TR - Turkey$1340.99$703.99TT - Trinidad and Tobago$945.99$495.99TW - Taiwan$953.99$499.99TZ - Tanzania, United Republic of.$5384.99$2826.99UA - Ukraine$1855.99$973.99UG - Uganda$1855.99$973.99VN - Vietnam$1325.99$695.99ZA - South Africa$1885.99$989.99

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