Jim Stone Conspiracy Files 4 - Knoppix 8.1 live DVD and SD lot 2 For Sale

Jim Stone Conspiracy Files 4 - Knoppix 8.1 live DVD and SD lot 2

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Jim Stone Conspiracy Files 4 - Knoppix 8.1 live DVD and SD lot 2:

This is an SD version with CD. There is a huge chance the SD version will not clear customs, or arrive at all. If it does not make it, I'll try again.IF YOU ARE NOT A READER OF THE ASSOCIATED WEB SITE, I SUGGEST YOU SKIP THIS sale BECAUSE THOUGH THIS IS PREMIUM, THIS IS AVAILABLE FOR A LOT LESS THAN $200 ELSEWHERE.You probably won't find an SD version as nice as what I will try to ship1. You might be able to successfully download Knoppix 8.1 at Knopper.net. I encountered huge interference with this, but maybe you will not.

2. This live DVD will ship out of Mexico and be much much slower than a tunisian garden slug arriving. I'll use certification and tracking which will probably stop it from being stolen, but seriously, you could walk here faster than Mex Post will deliver. Expect wait times of a month or more.

3. Because this item is for the purpose of fundraising, the cheapest listing (probably) will be priced higher than what you can find elsewhere if anyone else has this. I have this listed for as low as $30, if you do not know about what web site this is supporting, and the price is higher than $30, try to find it cheaper in one of my other listings.

I am only saying this because people might find their way to this item through the system, and not via the front page of the web site this sale will support.

Ok, now for the good stuff:

Micro SD version:

I am sending this out on an SD card along with the CD because for a $200 sale you ought to get more, and it will be even more likely to work. The SD card will be absolutely premium. I will try to get it to allow the reserve space on the SD card to be accessible as a separate hard disk. If I am able to, the card will be a large one. This will allow the recipient to receive a portable OS that will turn every computer into a custom machine that always looks and works the same no matter what computer you plug this into, complete with all your files. I have not succeeded in getting it to do that yet, so at a minimum you'll at least get a working OS on SD but there might not be extra space for your stuff. I'll probably make that work though.

Be aware that if customs finds the SD card, which will be hidden in the CD case, they will probably steal it. But I will make sure it is hidden really good.

I have used Linux almost exclusively as my OS since 2008. This latest Knoppix edition was released in September 2017 and is BY FAR, bar none, the best Linux ever released. Here's what's good about it:

1. Improved fonts. There are countless unique fonts, unlike any other Linux I have seen. Your documents will look custom and professional.

2. Extremely improved power management. Ubuntu and Mint are horrible with power management. Knoppix 8.1 matches the power management abilities of Chrome, Android, all revisions of Windows, and Mac OS.

3. It is super easy to secure even the live revisions of Knoppix and you can actually prevent outsiders from back dooring their way in through the remote desktop, even if they can hit your wifi and attempt a full on assault.

4. Knoppix 8.1 is absolutely loaded, it has the famous 3d animiation Blender application, Audacity audio editor, the Gimp image editor, plus video editors that actually work, hundreds of games, thousands of screen savers plus the full open office suite (now libre office) and a whole lot more, and I mean A LOT MORE. I can't possibly list it all. The bottom line is that if you have to do something, there is software that will do it. It has Tor and dark web stuff. It supports bitcoin wallets. This system is loaded like your geek uncle bob's computer, that you used a few years ago and asked why the is so much installed on this computer for? You'll never use it bob. Yet absolutely nothing starts unless you ask it to, there is absolutely no garbageware, the system runs with sleekness and elegance, tasks get completed quickly while your processor relaxes.

Caveats: Few.

I found one. A five year old C-60 netbook had the track pad not work, (but it worked with a mouse) and the track pad did not work with Ubuntu or Mint either. I also failed in my first attempt to get it to run on a Cortex A7 based tablet. Working on that.

However, this runs absolutely stellar on a brand new totally current quad core A8 laptop purchased a couple months ago, which "never happens" with Linux, usually only stuff a couple years old will work well. However, to get it to work on this laptop I had to make a flash drive version with an old XP computer because for some reason the UEFI bios won't let it run from CD.

What I really noticed most was that the processor ran cooler than it did with Linux Mint and Windows, and with Linux Mint and Windows, the track pad on the new computer was way to sensitive and deleted stuff everywhere as if it was hacked. Maybe it was, because with Knoppix 8.1 the track pad on the new machine suddenly started working perfect and it absolutely was garbage with Windows.

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee any OS will work on every computer, but I'd say your chances of having this OS work well on your computer of choice is very high. It ran PERFECT on an ancient celeron with 512 megs of ram and a creaky CD rom (and I mean, you can hear the gears in that drive struggling) and it still worked great. So you'll probably have good luck with this if it also ran perfect on a 2017 A8.

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