Knoppix Linux 7.0 [32-bit DVD] Maxi Edition - Live Linux on DVD For Sale

Knoppix Linux 7.0 [32-bit DVD] Maxi Edition - Live Linux on DVD

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Knoppix Linux 7.0 [32-bit DVD] Maxi Edition - Live Linux on DVD:

Knoppix Linux 7.0 [32-bit DVD] Maxi Edition - Live Linux on DVD Product Features

  • Knoppix was one of the first Live CDs available, and is known as the "original" Debian-based Live CD
  • Its extensive hardware detection allows most systems to start Knoppix without any configuration
  • Its ability to automatically connect to most kinds of networks make it excellent as a quick kiosk or web browser
  • Comes packaged with tons of utilities designed for use in data recovery and system repair
  • Detects and can even access Windows partitions and file systems
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Product Description Knoppix is an operating system based on Debian designed to be run directly from a CD / DVD (Live CD) or a USB flash drive (Live USB), one of the first of its kind for any operating system. Knoppix was developed by Linux consultant Klaus Knopper. When starting a program, it is loaded from the removable medium and decompressed into a RAM drive. The decompression is transparent and on- the-fly. Although Knoppix is primarily designed to be used as a Live CD, it can also be installed on a hard disk like a typical operating system. Computers that support booting from USB devices can load Knoppix from a live USB flash drive or memory card. There are two main editions of Knoppix: the traditional Compact Disc (700 megabytes) edition and the DVD (4.7 gigabytes) "Maxi" edition. Each of these main editions have two language-specific editions: English and German. Your purchase will be for the "Maxi" edition, which is the most complete and comes packaged with an extensive array of awesome software.

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