Matador System Analog Computer RELAY RACK RE210/MSQ-1A For Sale

Matador System Analog Computer RELAY  RACK RE210/MSQ-1A

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Matador System Analog Computer RELAY RACK RE210/MSQ-1A :

IS THERE ANY INTEREST IN A RACK MOUNT RELAY CHASIS that appears to be from a MILITARY AIR FORCE MISSLE LAUNCHER , on the nametag as you can see in the picture is, RE210/MSQ-1A misc. chasis no.-1-SL RANGE stock no. 1800-023911100 part no. 131114 ser. no. S16 contract no. AF30(635)-692 MELPAR inc. FALLS CHURCH, VA. U.S. it measures 15 inch WIDE and weighs 10 LBS. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ONE SHOWN IN THE PICTURE HAS BEEN SOLD , BUT I HAVE ANOTHER TO SELL WITH A DIFFERANT SERIAL NUMBER . These units belong to the Matador Rocket System, famous defense system used not only in the USA but also in Western Europe against the permanent threat from the Soviet Union in the 1950s. The relay racks were originally placed in special Dodge vans and they belonged to the Matador System Analog Computer. A SEARCH ON THE NET using the contract no. AF30(635)-692 shows that this was for a MILITARY AIR FORCE MISSILE LAUNCHER . NO TESTING HAS BEEN DONE ON THIS PANEL , IT CAME FROM an estate of a RETIRED MILITARY MAN . I HAVE 6 OF THESE CHASSIS LEFT. I do not have any further information .   Shipping in the states will be $23.00 including insurance, other locations will be extra. Any questions, please contact audion at

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