NEW Memory RAM Cooler Cooling Vest Fin Heat Sink For PC DDR3 DDR2 Game T3H7 Y1T1 For Sale

NEW Memory RAM Cooler Cooling Vest Fin Heat Sink For PC DDR3 DDR2 Game T3H7 Y1T1

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NEW Memory RAM Cooler Cooling Vest Fin Heat Sink For PC DDR3 DDR2 Game T3H7 Y1T1:



This is just for the color: black, we have other color blue

If you want to buy other color, please give us notes when you pay.

Memory Thermal Vest DDR2 DDR3 DDR4 Desktop PC Memory Universal

Several characteristics of the heat sink:

1, heat dissipation function: pure aluminum material, absorb memory heat, improve the blue screen of death caused by memory overheating

2, protection function: better protect your memory, especially DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 particles, accidentally dropped on the ground, very easy to spoil, resulting in memory can no longer be used. In addition, it can also effectively protect memory components from static electricity.

3, aesthetics: blue, black and black color optional, blue and steady, black classic elegance, perfect with a variety of colors of the motherboard, fans, and light, greatly enhance the overall appearance of the memory and the chassis

4, compatibility: compatible with DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, ECC and other desktop memory, width, single and double-sided can be compatible with the brand and frequency has nothing to do.

5, matters needing attention:

a. Because the product batch is not the same, there may be a slight deviation in the color of the photo, etc.

b. Because of the low height of the narrow strip, after installation, from the side, the top will be a little empty, but plug in the main board, not obvious, mind not to shoot

c. One-sided, indicating that there are eight particle chips on one side of the memory strip, and no particles on one side. If it is a single-sided memory, please leave a message or remark, and distribute another thicker glue to increase the thickness of the particle-free surface. If there are no comments and notes, follow the double-sided particle glue.

d. If not installed, please contact us or see the following dismantling method. Due to all the consequences of forced violence to open the vest, the shop is not responsible.

e. There is DDR4 written on the black vest. If there is no blue color, please inform us.

f. If you have weak hands-on skills or have high requirements on the appearance and quality of the product, take it carefully.

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