New KA 60 Angle IDE 44 PIN SD Card IDE Adapter 40 pin IDE2SD Amiga 600 1200 #530 For Sale

New KA 60 Angle IDE 44 PIN SD Card IDE Adapter 40 pin IDE2SD Amiga 600 1200 #530

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New KA 60 Angle IDE 44 PIN SD Card IDE Adapter 40 pin IDE2SD Amiga 600 1200 #530:

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Angle 2.5" IDE to IDE 44 PIN Adapter for IDE SD Adapters + IDE 3.5" 40 PIN for CD-ROM or Another Hard Drive + SD IDE Adapter (SD Card not included). Working perfectly with Amiga 600 1200 etc.

Simply put this adapter into your Amiga 600 or 1200 moterboard. You don`t need any cable or additional power source with this adapter. This angle adapter will fit your Amiga motherboard very stable and secure and you will not need screws or glue at all.

Due to integrated circuit mounted on this adapter all other SD to IDE adapters (SD - IDE adapter included) connected via this angle adapter will work perfectly with your H.Disk LED on your Amiga for both devices. Even if your adapter connected via cable cannot work correctly with H.Disk LED this angle adapter will do this job.

Connection of SD - IDE adapter is on the left hand side so it will not interfere with Scandoublers, FastATA, Turbo Card etc.

You can also connect 2x 3.5" 40 PIN devices but then 2.5" 44 PIN connector must be empty.

Jumper is for enable/disable HDD LED for 3.5" 40 PIN devices.

Usually all SD to IDE Adapters are master so 3.5" 40 PIN such as CD-ROM will be always slave.

Angle IDE to IDE 44 PIN Adapter + 40 PIN for CD-ROM:

Dimensions: 23 x 64 x 20 mm

Weight: 13g

Color: as photo shown

SD - IDE Adapter:

Dimensions: 52 x 45 x 8mm

Weight: 12g

Color: as photo shown

Please note it will not fit into your motherboard if you use top metal cover protection.

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