New NAS Server 3x2TB Raid 5, Configs available up to 24TB, Supports 25 PCs -E141 For Sale

New NAS Server 3x2TB Raid 5, Configs available up to 24TB, Supports 25 PCs -E141

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New NAS Server 3x2TB Raid 5, Configs available up to 24TB, Supports 25 PCs -E141:


Business Server





Windows Server 2016 Essentials (25 Users)



 no CALs required




Raid 5 Protection against Hard Drive failure.             


Digital Systems is a family owned business, located in the Chicago area, providing exceptional quality computer products for over 20 years.

To learn more about us, please click here


WS 2016 Essentials is the latest version of Microsoft Operating systems for Small-Medium businesses.


This server is a preferred choice for our customers in many industries, such as:


Medical and Dental Offices Law Practices Manufacturing Food Processing Accounting Real Estate Automotive General Contractor


Some of its features include:


- 25 User Licenses are built in. No other licenses are needed.

- Remote Web Access - Access your files, media and take over PCs via internet connection.

- Fast File Sharing.

- Easy management of Users and Shared Folders.

- Daily backup of all PCs. You can restore single files, folders or entire PC.

- Data Protection against Hard Drive failure with Raid 1 or Raid 5.

- Media Server - Share and protect your library of Music, Photos, DVDs, Blurays and any other media.



  Why buy our Servers?


- We offer 14 days refund policy for any reason.

- If you have questions during installation we are glad to answer them (free). If you need more extensive assistance we offer reasonable rates.

- We can customize your Server specifically to your needs. Just let us know what you are looking for.

- Servers are tweaked for best performance (visibly faster than default), all updates installed and are ready to connect to your network.

- Quick Setup Guide is included for setting up custom shared folders, users and connecting workstations.

- Our own recovery boot up options: 1) Emergency Restore of OS Drive.  2) Repair of MBR record. Click here to learn more.

- We use only High Quality components:  HDs (6 GB/s - 64MB Cache - 7200 RPM), Highly Reliable PSU, USB 3.1 / 3.0, 16GB of 2133 MHz DDR4 Ram

- Free AntiVirus, Free AntiMalware, Free File Sync software

- 1 Year Full Warranty


100% Consumer Satisfaction is always our goal. We treat customers the way we would want to be treated.




   Specs   Model WS-3-R5g    CPU   Intel Dual Core G4400 3.3GHz    RAM   8GB DDR4 2133MHz, expandable to 64GB    Motherboard   Supermicro: 6x6GB/s SATA. Slots: 1xPCIe 3.0 x16, 1xPCIe 3.0x4, 1xPCIe 3.0x1, 1xPCI, 1xM.2    Physical Hard Drives   3 x 2TB Hard Drives (7200 RPMs, 64MB Cache, 6GB/s)    Raid Protection   Raid 5    Logical Drives   C (2000-GB Operating System), D (3.4 TB - Data)    USB Types   3.1 , 3.0, 2.0    Network Adapter   10/100/1000 (1 Gig).    DVD Writer   Yes    Other Rear Connectors   HDMI, DVI, Audio, PS2 Keyboard & Mouse    Operating System   Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Essentials Full Version.    Warranty   1 Year Full Warranty    Server's Case   High Quality, Quiet and Great Airflow (see case specs below)




                  This sale is for Model WS-3-R5g



CPU - (Upgrades are available)








  Drives RAID


  WS-2-R1g   Intel Dual Core G4400 25 8 GB 4.0 TB 1.81 TB 2x2 TB Raid 1 $ 998   WS-2-R1i   Intel Quad Thread i3-6100 25 8 GB 4.0 TB 1.81 TB 2x2 TB Raid 1 $ 1068   WS-E3-R1   Xeon E3 1225v6 25 8 GB 4.0 TB 1.81 TB 2x2 TB Raid 1 $ 1198   WS-3-R5g   Intel Dual Core G4400 25 8 GB 6.0 TB 3.64 TB 3x2 TB Raid 5 $ 1098   WS-3-R5i   Intel Quad Thread i3-6100 25 8 GB 6.0 TB 3.64 TB 3x2 TB Raid 5 $ 1168   WS-E3-R5   Xeon E3 1225v6 25 8 GB 6.0 TB 3.64 TB 3x2 TB Raid 5 $ 1298   See our Enterprise Line of Servers   Click Here     Upgrade to 16GB of Ram is available for additional $85

** Actual Available Storage - to learn more please click here.

Above are Tower models, however any server can be built with a Rackmount Case for an additional $48.

Different Operating Systems are available.       




Backup Options - to learn more please click here

          What can 1 TB hold?

RAID is a way of connecting Hard Drives together to improve performance and/or backup functions.


Raid 1 - Known as Mirror. Data is stored on 2 drives at the same time. Excellent performance.

            Very easy data recovery.

Raid 5 - Data is stored across 3 or more drives. If 1 drive fails data is recreated from other drives

            You can add more drives later on to increase your storage.


Which RAID to choose?

- If you do not need your storage to grow by adding more HDs in the future, we suggest Raid 1 with 2x2TB or 2x3TB HDs. Perfect for most businesses.

- If your server is used for a large Video Library or Security Camera Recordings and you want to have an option to increase your storage easily by adding more HDs at anytime Raid 5 is the way to go.

      30 Blu-Ray Movies

      165 DVD Movies

      500,000 photos

      16,600 hours of MP3 music

* Above is approximation only




  Case Details         Dimensions (LxWxH)   19.56" x 8.27" x 16.93"   Power Supply   500W   Cooling Fans   4 x 120mm (included). Room for additional 2 x 120mm fans   Internal Bays   3.5'' - Total 4, 5.25'' - Total 3   Other   Great Airflow, Quiet, Solid Construction





Thank you very much for considering us for your choice of servers!


Kind Regards,

Michael P.




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