RETRO ALTAIR 8800 S100 Arduno CLONE For Sale


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RETRO ALTAIR 8800 S100 Arduno CLONE:

RETRO ALTAIR 8800 S100 Computer ARDUINO clone BLACK FACE For sale is a true emulator (clone) of the original MITS ALTAIR 8800 computer with BLACK front panel. It uses a pre-programmed ARDUINO DUE to faithfully emulate the original 2Mhz Intel 8080 which was the CPU used the original MITS system. The Arduino Due is an impressive 32-bit 84-Mhz system-on-a-chip (SOC) which provides the full 8080's 64K address space as well as additional ROM storage for built-in programs like 16K Basic and diagnostics. Runs open-source code and is fully supported and documented online.
This is NOT an EXACT REPLICA of the MITS Altair but is fully both hardware and software. There are no S100 bus slots and has no capability for add-on cards. Included with the front panel (switches and LEDs) is a properly programmed Arduino Due. It can run full CPM 2.2, Kill-the-Bit, ZORK, MS Basic, Othello, StarTrek and many other legacy games at the original speed. The use of the two right hand AUX switches selects one of the many functions and even includes an interactive on-screen 8080 assembly language debugger. A great educational tool.Keying in or selecting a program is made easier with toggle switches like the original Altair.
Dimensions are 102 by 84 mm or 4 by 3.3 inches. The optional 9-12VDC power adapter and micro SD card are not included. For use with a terminal emulation program. Please search for “dhansel/Altair8800” on the internet for much more information on this brilliant work under GNU GPL license.
A minimal degree of computer technical know-how is required: Understanding how to find and install a proper device driver for the Arduino Due, verifying the correct installation in the Device Manager, basic baud rate settings, and how to install, configure and run a terminal emulator.
Not a KIT! Guaranteed to work perfectly the very first time. No hassles. No programming of the Arduino. No need to worry about cold solder joints, assembly errors, faulty parts, testing problems and troubleshooting. Needs only a standard micro-USB cable (plugged into PROGRAMMING PORT) and a 9-12VDC (optional) power adapter which are not included. Draws only approximately 200 ma (1 watt) from USB cable and could easily be battery powered.
Designed, manufactured and supported by an experienced, graduate American engineer (myself) from UC Berkeley and Silicon Valley, California. Professional, industrial strength, definitely NOT HOBBYQUALITY. Designed with the modern CAD tools Orcad and Protel.
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