Ramrod XL 2 --AND-- Omniview XL/XE Rare Upgrades for Vintage Atari 800XL 130XE For Sale

Ramrod XL 2 --AND-- Omniview XL/XE Rare Upgrades for Vintage Atari 800XL 130XE

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Ramrod XL 2 --AND-- Omniview XL/XE Rare Upgrades for Vintage Atari 800XL 130XE:

Ramrod XL 2 AND Omniview XL/XE Upgrades for Vintage Atari 800XL 130XE
Very Minor bent pins on omniview as shown.
Sold as is since I can't test this. No returns.Ramrod looks to be an OS switching module that can work with the included Omniview XL/XEFrom Omniview Manufacturer:NEW OMNIVIEW XL/XE FEATURES
OMNIVIEW XL/XE now have several new features which solve thecompatibility problem associated with the 800XL/130XE. OMNIVIEW XL/XEdoes this by having an ultra compatible 400/800 style OS which will copyitself into RAM, freeing up the $C000 page. In addition, OMNIVIEW XE hasresident ramdisk handlers which allow you to use the extra 64k of RAM inthe XE as an ultra fast disk drive. Add the other outstanding featuresof OMNIVIEW XL/XE, namely, 80 column emulation under SpeedScript 80,Letter/Data Perfect, BASIC, MAC65, ATR8000 CPM, rtc., and the Fastchipfloating point package for signifigantly faster math operations, and youhave an outstanding value for any 800XL/130XE owner!
Improved 400/800 compatibility:
(Developed by CAL COM, 5295 Cameron Drive #505, Buena Park, CA 90621)The OMNIVIEW XL/XE operating system runs virtually every piece ofsoftware written for the ATARI computer. Besides being coded closely tothe older OSB, it also has the capability of copying itself into RAM,freeing up the $C000 page for your applications. This means 4k more RAMfor programs like Visicalc, modem programs, word processors, etc. Italso means added compatibility with highly protected games which lookfor ROM in the $C000 page as a part of their misguided protectionschemes (e.g. Electronic Arts).
To copy the OS into RAM (from $D800 tp $FFFF), hold down the SELECT keywhile pressing RESET. To restore the OS to ROM, press RESET by itself.From=20this point on, the RAM version of the OS will be preserved, even ifyou switch the OS to ROM and back to RAM. Thus, any changes you may maketo the OS in RAM remain in effect as long as you do not power down. Inaddition, if you hold down the SELECT key during powerup, the OS will becopied into RAM and it will stay in RAM even if you press RESET. Pleasenote that the 80 column emulation is not available when running the OSout of RAM.
There are two other features designed to give increased compatibility:the cursor speed and the OPTION key BASIC activation during powerup. Thecursor speed is the same as the original XL/XE OS to remain compatiblewith the SYNAPSE software (SYNCALC, SYNFILE+, etc.) which speed up thecursor. Also, the meaning of the OPTION key during powerup is justopposite of the original OS: hold down the OPTION key to activate BASIC.This seems to be the preference of most people. In addition, there isthe added function of the HELP key. Instead of using CTRL-1 the HELP keynow functions as the scroll control for program listings.

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