Raspberry Pi OS Pre-loaded Micro SD Card, READ DESCRIPTION For Sale

Raspberry Pi OS Pre-loaded Micro SD Card, READ DESCRIPTION

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Raspberry Pi OS Pre-loaded Micro SD Card, READ DESCRIPTION:

Pre-loaded 16gb, 32gb, 64, or 128gb Micro SD Card.

This is going to be the BEST deal you'll find on ! Our price is backed by a Limited Guarantee warranty that nobody else on offers!

All Micro-SD cards have the most current version of Noobs, Raspberry Pi OS, Raspberry Pi OS Lite, FlightAware, PiHole, LibreElec, Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Core, RetroPi, and more. Other OS's will soon be available that are compatible with Raspberry Pi. The SD card capacity and brand may vary subject to availability, but ALL cards will be at LEAST the minimum specs required for successful operation of the Raspberry Pi and the brand will be either SanDisk, PNY, or ONN (All Micro-SD cards are tested for functionality to ensure they will work upon arrival). Condition is Brand New. We currently are having issues obtaining 64gb and 128gb MicroSD cards. Due to this issue, we were forced to raise prices of these two card capacity to reflect the great expense of obtaining them.

ALTERNATIVE OS: If there is an OS you know of that isn't offered, PLEASE select "OTHER OS", and then send a message indicating the OS you wish to be installed! For every alternative OS requested, this listing will be updated to include the additional OS. The "Other OS" option will cost $5 more, to account for the search, download, and installation of the alternative OS requested. NOT ALL ALTERNATIVE OS's WILL BE COMPATIBLE WITH RASPBERRY PI. Therefore we will not be responsible for any SD card that arrives non-functional due to an incompatible OS. All sales final. Returns not accepted.

Shipped as a USPS First Class envelope. Process and Handling may take up to 1-3 business days. For purchases requesting expedited shipping, the order must be placed by 1500 CST (3:00PM CST). In the event of weekends, your purchase will ship on the 1st business day following the weekend. In the event of holidays, your purchase will ship on the 1st business day following the holiday. PLEASE NOTE!! The system is over-estimating the times as indicated for shipping within the U.S. If you wish to have your item more quickly or to have a tracking number, buyer may have this option at buyer's expense.

If the Micro-SD card doesn't work, you may send it back for a replacement at your cost of shipping from your location to mine within 14 business days of purchase. A new functional card will not be sent until the original is received. The original card will be tested for issues before a new one is sent. This guarantee is limited to ONE (1) complimentary exchange. Please contact me in order to claim this guarantee BEFORE sending it back.

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