Restored Atari 130XE Computer  *** VERY NICE CONDITION ***  PS, Video, Warranty For Sale

Restored Atari 130XE Computer  *** VERY NICE CONDITION ***  PS, Video, Warranty

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Restored Atari 130XE Computer  *** VERY NICE CONDITION ***  PS, Video, Warranty:

130XE COMPUTER, 5-PIN VIDEO CABLE, AND POWER You are offerding on one used128K Atari130XE computer inoutstanding cosmetic and operating condition. Includes a 5-pin video cable, and power supply.

CONDITION: The cosmetic condition of the computer is excellent with little, if any, yellowing. The keyboard has been extensively tested and works well and is very responsive,but the keys do show some yellowing. The case is very clean as it was stripped down and cleaned thoroughly. You won't be disappointed with this computer.

OPERATIONAL TESTING: The computer has been tested with a variety of games and testing software (i.e. SALT, commercial games and more.) and everything has passed all operational tests and checked out to my satisfaction.

WARRANTY: The computer comes with a 14-day warranty. This guarantees that you will get a perfectly working unit or you can return it on my dime and your money refunded.I only accept returns if computer is not operating properly. The warranty is voided if the computer is opened or security seals broken. Though the RF-TV output provides an adequate picture, I do not provide a warranty for the quality of this picture. There are too many external factors that can affect the RF. The warranty does cover the composite output from the 5-pin cable, which bypasses these factors and provides the best picture the130XE can output. And this is also another reason why I buy and include the 5-pin video cable.

FINAL TESTING: Though I test all units when I get them, I also do the same when they sell. For all buyers I give a final 72 hour test just prior to shipping. If it is to fail, I want it to be here, and not right after you receive. This is why I state 3 days to ship. I offer a full 14 day warranty for this computer and only accept returns if computer does not work properly. Warranty void if computer opened.

PLEASE NOTE: During shipping, some keys may come off due to the jostling,as ONLYfrictionbetween the keycap and keyboard is what holds the keys in place (this is normal, so check your shipping box if any keys are missing).

SHIPPING: Shipping is USPS Parcel Insuredat actual cost only. Sorry for the high shipping cost, but thisweighs in at around9 pounds, packed welland is shipped insured. I do not profit off of shipping. Please! No international shipments. Global Shipping Program OK.

Please e-mail with any questions, and thank you very much for viewing my sale.

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