Sinclair QL Tetroid disk interface with Compact flash card For Sale

Sinclair QL Tetroid disk interface with Compact flash card

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Sinclair QL Tetroid disk interface with Compact flash card:

For sale :

Sinclair QL expansion card - Tetroid disk interface ( TDI ).

The TDI interface consists of three hardware parts Kb memory expansion

  • Floppy disk interface, based on Miracle Trump card interface logic, with Toolkit II software.

  • Compact flash card interface, based on QUofferE/QUBATA interface the interface is plugged into the QL:

    Extra 768K RAMis added to the QL's own memory to give 896K RAM total

    Floppy (based on WD1772 disk controller ) interface is added, which supports 720K DD 3.5" floppy disk drives (or 5.25" disk drives if you prefer).

    The full Toolkit II is also available (just enter the keyword TK2_EXT).

    TC v1.37 ROM is included with the interface.

    The hardware and installationmanual for the TDI can be downloaded from: align="LEFT">The manual for the Trump Card can be downloaded from: The Sinclair QL Homepage

    QUBATA driver ver. 3.10T from Alain Haoui is included: align="LEFT">

    Package includes

    • Tetroid disk interface board ( black or red version for your choice )
    • Hardware intallation user manual ( in english)
    • Compact flash card 8Gb with starter kit from Alain Haoui ( preinstalled,you need JS ROM or Minerva ROM to run the Starter kit )

    This listing for TDI + 8Gb Compact flash card, on some standard photos you can see CF card 4Gb, but really you will get 8Gb CF card.

    I will post with international tracking

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