Unused Juniper SRX-GP-8SFP 8p GbE copper, fiber SFP XPIM SRX550 SRX650 1y Wrnty For Sale

Unused Juniper SRX-GP-8SFP 8p GbE copper, fiber SFP XPIM SRX550 SRX650 1y Wrnty

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Unused Juniper SRX-GP-8SFP 8p GbE copper, fiber SFP XPIM SRX550 SRX650 1y Wrnty:

Your International IT Source Since 1993 Juniper SRX-GP-8SFP Manufacturer:Juniper MPN:SRX-GP-8SFP HECI:IP9IANDDAA Alternate PN's: List Price:$3,500.00 Warranty:One Year Description

These units arrive sealed in factory packaging with a 1 year warranty. I will ship on our Fed Ex account if you submit a full price offer!

Juniper SRX-GP-8SFP - 8-port GbE copper, fiber SFP XPIM for SRX550 and SRX650 gateways


PN: 750-037551

MSRP: $3,500.00
Product DescriptionThe Juniper Networks® SRX550 and SRX650 Services Gateways, in conjunction with the8-port SFP XPIM, offer customers the flexibility of deploying high-density LAN and WANservices in their branch, data center, and metro Ethernet networks. Juniper’s 8-port SFPXPIM for the SRX Series complements the onboard 10/100 and 10/100/1000 Ethernetinterfaces with high-density fiber and copper Gigabit Ethernet connectivity choices forLayer 2 and Layer 3 services. It offers support for a variety of transceiver types, includingshort wavelength for GbE connectivity over multimode fiber, long wavelength for GbEconnectivity over multimode and single mode fiber, 100BASE-FX for Fast Ethernetconnectivity over multimode and single mode fiber, and 1000BASE-T for GbE connectivityover twisted pair.
Architecture and Key ComponentsThe 8-port SFP XPIM provides highly flexible interfaces that give the network designer thetools to solve a wide variety of networking problems.Network Segmentation
The XPIMs can be used to subnet or segment network traffic by configuring each Ethernetport as a separate routed network or subnet. This localizes broadcast and multicast trafficto a local segment and allows different security policies to be applied to each subnet.Alternatively, XPIM ports can be assigned to VLANs in Layer 2 switching mode to providedelineation and segmentation of the L2 broadcast domain.
Security ZonesMany organizations need to improve internal security and keep critical information privatewithin departments. At the same time, they need to provide guest access and protectlocal resources. The XPIMs give the network designer the extra Ethernet ports necessaryto implement security zones for departmental access.
Local WorkgroupsThe network designer can use the Ethernet switching capability of the XPIMs to createlocal workgroups. Integrating L2 switching in the SRX650 and SRX550 gateways savesspace and simplifies management by using a single user interface to configure the switchand the SRX Series devices.
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