VINTAGE Apple MAC Macintosh Texas Instrument Printer Graphic Software For Sale

VINTAGE Apple MAC Macintosh Texas Instrument Printer Graphic Software

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VINTAGE Apple MAC Macintosh Texas Instrument Printer Graphic Software :

Vintage Apple Macintosh Texas Instrument Printer Software

MINT CONDITION, Sealed In Original Plastic !!


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SoftStyle Inc.



Marry a TI Printer to your Macintosh

Software comes boxed sealed in original plastic.

Includes all original paperwork, documentation, and (?) 3 1/2 Floppy Disks

Product History: My father used to own a computer store in New Jersey, during the early/mid 1980's. All software has been preserved in boxes over the years.

TI-Start is the best way for your Texas Instruments printer to perform with a Macintosh. Here's why:

Flexibility- Computers use special software called printer drivers to support printing. However, the standard Macintosh printer drivers support only the Apple Imagewriter, not Texas Instruments printers. TI-Start is a program which quickly modifies the Macintosh printer driver to support your TI printer. TI-Start will also reverse the process.

Simplicity- All you do is use the Ti-Start program to modify your application disks. Open TI-Start, point to the appropriate printer setup and insert you application disks. They'll now work with your TI printer. It's that simple

Transparency- Once you use TI-Start on a Macintosh application disk, the disk never needs to be changed. From then on, it will work with your TI printer. You won't even know TI-Start is there!

Compatibility: TI-Start is completely compatible with all software which use standard Macintosh printing conventions. That means MacPaint, MacWrite, Multiplan, Microsoft Word, Microsoft BASIC and more. The TI-Start package comes complete with the printer cable that properly connects that Macintosh to your TI printer.

And An Accessory! With TI-Start, you not only get all the Macintosh printer capabilities and quality, you also get a powerful software accessory which lets you expand your printing choices beyond normal Macintosh dot-matrix printing. The TI-Start Print Adjustment Accessory provides access to unique features on each TI printer model. This includes support of your letter quality font modules on the TI 855/865 and near letter quality printing on other models. It can even add extra density to your graphics printing.

Standard Hardware: Requires a Macintosh and TI 850XL/860XL, or TI 855/865 printer. Package includes printer cable. The printer can be connected to either the printer or Modem port, at various port speeds.

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