Vintage Apple II computer, A2S01 rare red label For Sale

Vintage  Apple II computer, A2S01  rare red label

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Vintage Apple II computer, A2S01 rare red label:

This in an apple II computer, it has an Apple II+ top , the date code is 8009 so this would be an Apple II towards the end of production, while switching to
to Apple II+ production.
Unusual machine in that it has original Apple II ROM's ,
also has early Apple 16k language card card with boot ROM, serial card , 80 col card ,
and early DISK II controller, (note the silver) fingers, and a Z80 microsoft soft card CP/M clone card.All parts are original to the machine, all chips pre date the 9th week of 1980 the machine has been tested and is working fine, ALL the keys on the keyboard work, but as expectedthey are sometimes a little sticky and the odd time repeat , NOT unusual for an all original keyboard,the machine is quite usable.
80 col card, serial card and cp/m card tested and working. the condition is mint, with no yellowing, scratches or dents. a wonderful machine.
The machine is being sold working as described, however, due to age no warranty is offered.
NO monitor or disk drives are included in this sale, free shipping to North America.

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