Vintage Apple Macintosh 128k & SE FD/HD w/Hardware & Paper Paraphernalia For Sale

Vintage Apple Macintosh 128k & SE FD/HD w/Hardware & Paper Paraphernalia
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Vintage Apple Macintosh 128k & SE FD/HD w/Hardware & Paper Paraphernalia:


All Items are Original (except boot disks and one battery) SOLD AS A GROUP - ALL TOGETHER

1. Macintosh128k - F4213L7 M0001 (manufactured during 21st week of 1984,Freemont, CA. - #4,155) - Purchased new boot disk and new battery. Boots up andwent to desk top. Comes with original mouse and keyboard – both work, also hasoriginal necessary cords.

2. Macintoshpadded carry bag (for the 128k) - Small white paint splotch & some smallblack spots on top, looks like new otherwise. Original lock and key, all 4 feetare present, original tag, and shoulder strap.

3. MacintoshSE FD/HD M5011,(manufactured the 34th week of 1989, Freemont, CA. -#F934CKQB02) – Boots up and went to desktop, we opened up a document that wasstill on the hard drive (there are quite a few but we only checked out a coupleof screenplays) and was able to print it using the Image Writer. Comes withoriginal mouse that worked. Original necessary cords. Purchased new boot updisks.

4. ImageWriter (printer) serial #473970 model #A9M0303 – Comes with 1 unopened and 2open ribbon cartridges. No cracks on sheet cover. Has necessary cords. Works.

5. ExtendedKeyboard – Serial# 700954 Model# M0115 – Works. Has necessary cord.

6. Modem –2400 BPS External Mini Modem #92044223 – Turned it on and all LEDs were lit. Wewere unable to actually test it – no phone-line. Has necessary cords.

7. MacintoshExternal Floppy Disk Drive – M0130 - Sorry, forgot to get the serial numberbefore it was packed. We couldn’t get a disk in the slot. It seemed like aportion of the overhead mechanism was detached somewhat and was partiallyblocking the opening. However, all the lights did turn on when it was connected.Has necessary cords.

8. 2/3 box of dot matrix sheet feeder paper – Good shape, no stains to thepaper itself.

Two originalshipping boxes are included. All items are ORIGINAL except the new boot disks(you’ll be able to tell) and one battery for the 128k. Of course there is anaged “patina” to most of the items and they’ll need to be cleaned, but we sawno obvious exterior structural or cosmetic - cracks, stains that can’t becleaned & etc., damage to any item exceptwhere noted, and the glass on each display was clean – no cracks, pits, ordiscoloration. We did not go inside of any of the original hardware orsoftware, we just gave everything a decent going over. However, we did thumbthrough some of the paper paraphernalia. Everything has been repacked intoshipping boxes, we padded it all with what we had on hand and have included ahandling fee of $50 to the price.

Below is a partial list of theincluded paper paraphernalia:

*Image Writer Printer Manual

*Macintosh MacWrite

*Macintosh Utilities User’s Guide

*Macintosh System Software User’sGuide v.6

*Addendum Macintosh System SoftwareUser’s Guide v.6

*Apple Talk Remote User’s Guide

*Hyper Card User’s Guide

*Hyper Card Basics

*Hyper-Talk Beginner’s Guide: Introto Scripting

*Thank You Letter

*Macintosh SE Owner’s Guide

*Macintosh Quick Reference Card

*Apple’s One Year Limited Warranty

*Picasso Macintosh White Box

*Picasso Macintosh Unopened Cassette

*Open Me First / Open Me Third

*Tour Disks – System Tools &Printer Tools

*Macintosh Fold Out pamphlet

*Apple Stickers (12)


All items securely packaged and ready to go, there will be five shippingboxes:

1 each for the DM paper,printer, and paper paraphernalia.

1 for the 128k.

1 for the SE with theextended keyboard.

Smaller items are tuckedaway in both of the Mac boxes.

The shippingcalculator is not accurate for shipping multiple boxes therefore you’ll need tocontact me for correct shipping costs. I’ll use ’s shipping calculator andget the least expensive price (which seems to be a mix of the differentservices), unless you have a service you prefer over the others. Or, you canlook them up using whichever calculator you want. Here are the weights anddimensions of each of the five (5) boxes:

a. 24”x24”x20” – 40.2 lbs.

b. 24x24x20 – 39 lbs.

c. 16 1/2x13x13 1/4 – 14 lbs.

d. 16 3/8x12 5/8x12 5/8 –21 lbs.

e. 20x20x10 – 22 lbs.

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