Vintage Atari Game Disk #385 Simulations #5 For Sale

Vintage Atari Game Disk #385 Simulations #5

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Vintage Atari Game Disk #385 Simulations #5:

Atari Games Disk Simulations #5 Disk #385

Here is one Atari Games Disk listed in the catalog as Simulations #5. This disk was issued by a fantastic company called Bellcom. They made the effort to put Atari Public Domain and Shareware on Disks. According to the catalog, this disk has:
  • Time to Kill - Question suspects to identify the murderer. Cleverly creates new cases every time you play!
  • South Sea Trader - China Seas trading simulation.
  • Vital Signs - Monitor vital signs to save your patient.

Unfortunately I do not have an Atari computer system to run the disk on anymore. I remember it running fine when I did have one. Due to different operating systems and the age and format of the software, the disk is " as is " with no guarantees that it will work on your system. Any questions? Please email me. Thanks.

These are not "stock" images. The Atari Game Disk you see is the actual disk that was originally sold by Bellcom. Don't miss the chance to add this to your Atari collection today. To see other disks I have up for sale, please use vintage Atari disk in search.

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