Vintage DEC Rainbow 100 PC in Rare Tower Case w/ VR201 Monitor & LK201 Keyboard For Sale

Vintage DEC Rainbow 100 PC in Rare Tower Case w/ VR201 Monitor & LK201 Keyboard

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Vintage DEC Rainbow 100 PC in Rare Tower Case w/ VR201 Monitor & LK201 Keyboard:

Vintage DEC Rainbow 100 PC in Rare Tower Case w/ VR201 Monitor & LK201 Keyboard


Vintage item. Tested working.

PC has been tested to power on and boot from floppy. Monitor works, but has what appears to be screen rot under the glass. Cosmetic condition is otherwise good with some minor yellowing, as well as light scuffs, scratches and signs of use.

This is a vintage item. It was inspected at time of listing and shown to be in the condition described above. However, due to the age of this item, we cannot guarantee continued functionality and it is being sold “as-is.”

What’s Included:

1x Vintage DEC Rainbow PC in Rare Tower Case

1x DEC Monochrome Monitor

1x DEC Keyboard

1x IEC Power Cable

Does not include any additional cables, parts or accessories


The 1982, DEC released the Rainbow 100 - a low-cost, user installed personal business computer designed to run applications in the Fortune 100 marketplace. It was displayed at the June 1982 NCC - National Computer Conference - in Houston Texas.

The system provides hardware and software for both stand-alone processing, and as a terminal emulator for DEC and other manufacturer's systems.

The Rainbow 100 includes a two-processor architecture based on the simultaneous operation of an 8088 and Z80A CPU.

In addition to running applications, each processor supports a portion of the needed functions of the computer.

The Z80A processor supports the functions required to read/write the floppy drive. The 8088 handles the video output, keyboard I/O, printer port, and installed options.

The dual-processor design means that the Rainbow 100 can run either the CP/M or MS-DOS operating system.

CP/M was quickly being replaced by MS-DOS as the preferred operating system, due to the IBM Personal Computer, which was taking over the market.

Unfortunately, due to hardware differences, the DEC version of MS-DOS was not 100% compatible with the IBM PC, so software written for one of the systems would probably not run on the other.

In addition to booting into either CP/M or MS-DOS, the Rainbow 100 can also boot into "terminal" mode - a text-only mode based on their own popular VT102 format, as a "locally intelligent" satellite to a larger computer system.

The internal "RX50" floppy drive reads and writes single-sided, 5 1/4-inch floppy disks, storing 409KB on each, which was a lot of data at the time.

This floppy drive is a very unique, proprietary design by DEC, and no other manufacturer used it in their systems.

While it does hold two floppy disks, it can only access one of them at a time. This is because the read-heads for both drives move in unison, controlled by a single stepper motor. Additionally, the two floppy disks must be inserted upside-down from each other, confusing many a new user. The upper floppy disk is inserted face-up, but the lower floppy is inserted face-down.

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