Vtg APPLE IIe System 40+ HTF Games Taxan Color/Green Monitor Software & Books For Sale

Vtg APPLE IIe System 40+ HTF Games Taxan Color/Green Monitor Software & Books

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Vtg APPLE IIe System 40+ HTF Games Taxan Color/Green Monitor Software & Books:

Welcome to my sale.
Parting ways with a vintage APPLE IIe computer system. This lot includes all the Apple Software
for startup. Comes with 40+ very rare games. Some of them original, the rest copies. This has a rare
Taxan RGB Vision 420 monitor. As shown in pics, this monitor can switch back and forth to color and
original green screen. All components and software have been tested and work great. This even
includes a very rare fan to cool your computer with attached to the side in pics. Here is a list of all
the rare games, software and books included. There are some dupes;
1. Lordlings of Yore-1983.Serial No 101143.(original) No box.2. Wizardry- Proving Grounds of The Mad Overlord Scenario #1(original no box)3. Wizardry-Knights of Diamonds- Scenario #2 1981(original- no box)4. Last Gladiator 1983 (original no box)5. ZAXXON by Sega- Cat no 1200-1983(original no box)6. Pegasus By Lucasfilm Games-1987 (original-no box)7. Knights of The Desert, 1983 (original- no box)8. Astro Talk 1984 Original with Original instructions- no box.9. Wizardry I & II. Copy.10. The Oregon Trail-copy.11. Conan The Barbarian x3-copy.12. Skyfox & Rescue Raiders-copy13. Adventure Games-copy.14. Bible Studies-copy15. 26 Assorted Games- copy16. Soft Porn Adventure & Spy Vs Spy- copy17. Broadsiders-copy18. The Bard's Tale Character Disk & Dungeon boot disk-copy19. Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy- copy20. Enchanter-copy21. FROGGER- copy(hard to find!)22. Sonny & Cher- copy23. JM Football-copy24. E & N (?)25. EVIL 222, EVIL 223 & EVIL 224(3 Disks) Copy.26. KD222 (?)27. Summer Games(double sided)-copy28. Rescue Raiders- copy29. Air Sea Battle, Apple Invader Football, Mini Trek, Moon Lander, Star Trek, Star Wars(side 1) Beer Run, Blast Away, Dog Fight, Football and Asteroid Field (side 2)30. Sargon III- Original no box31. Blackbelt- copy.32. Might & Magic only disk B,C,D. Copy33. One on One Julius Irving Larry Bird Basketball-original no box(Super RARE!)34. A2-FS1 Flight Simulator- Original no box.35. Lode Runner & Championship Lode Runner-copy.36. Scenario #1 Politics-copySoftware included in this lot is:1. Apple DOS 3.32. Apple II Basic-ProDOS Users Disk for Apple IIe & 64k & ProDOS 1.0 Based Utilities3. Appleworks Sample Files disk.4. Appleworks Side 1 For 128k IIe & IIc5. Appleworks Startup disk6. Apple System Utilities For The IIc.
Books include:1. Apple IIe Owners Manual2. The Apple II Works Reference Manual3. Apple II Appleworks Tutorial4. PFS: Write with Sampler Disk and Write Disk, plus IBM Writing Assistant disk.
Also comes with a great floppy disk carrying case and includes 9 blank disks.
Please feel free to ask any questions before offerding. Will be packaged well and insured.If any more pics are needed, please just ask. Serious buyers only please. Thanks forlooking and God bless. : ) Free Shipping!

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