pi1541 Disk Emulator for Commodore - For Sale

pi1541 Disk Emulator for Commodore -
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pi1541 Disk Emulator for Commodore - :

It's gotten so bad that Iam going to double post the ad and let people pay for their own shipping. This is the FREE shipping AD that will be shipped via USPS FIRST CLASS with a tracking number. If you need this QUICKLY, then I suggest that you purchase shipping (FedEx or UPS) if this is a time sensitive purchase via the other ad like this one. I will do everything possible to help track and update on this end, but I do not control the USPS (and it's been rather horrible lately).

Pi 1541 Overview and Setup

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Each item is professionally built and tested in our shop in Wilmington, Delaware. It is assembled with premium parts, most notably a REAL Texas Instruments 7406 HEX inverter for 100% compatibility with the Commodore 1541/1581.

This bundle includes a FULLY assembled and tested IO HAT for a Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+ or 3A+. It also has a fully populated IEC bus (2) ports for daisy-chaining your other Commodore peripherals or another Pi1541 for two drive capability! For convenience, it has five navigation buttons and an OLED screen to display SD card contents. From this view, you can select and mount the disk images. Store ALL your disk images on one SD card, in multiple folders, etc. and enjoy complete access to your entire library!

Although pictured, it does NOT include a power cable, serial cable, or the Raspberry PI. Just the HAT, the power/data cable for the OLED and the OLED display for the Pi HAT.

Pi1541 provides you with an SD card solution for using D64, D81, G64, NIB and NBZ Commodore disk images on real Commodore 8-bit computers such as:

· Commodore 64

· Commodore 128

· Commodore Vic20

· Commodore 16

· Commodore Plus4

NOTE: If you need a sample setup of the options.txt file, please let me know and I will gladly help get that to you! You MUST have the following set correctly in the options.txt file or the OLED is not defined correctly (in fact the pi1541 Kernal would not even know an OLED is attached!):

// If you are using a LCD screen then specify it here
LCDName = ssd1306_128x64
//LCDName = ssd1306_128x32
//LCDName = sh1106_128x64

Also, this has the added circuits to de-conflict the daisy-chain of devices (other floppy, printer, etc) all on the same IEC line via the 7406 HEX inverter. A such, you MUST have this also defined in the options.txt file:

// If you are using the split line hardware option (ie Option B) then you need to specify this option
splitIECLines = 1


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