4M Linux OS - A Fun and Fast Way of Breathing Life into Old PCs 32/64 bit DVD For Sale

4M Linux OS - A Fun and Fast Way of Breathing Life into Old PCs 32/64 bit DVD

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4M Linux OS - A Fun and Fast Way of Breathing Life into Old PCs 32/64 bit DVD:

4M Linux OS - A Fun and Fast Way of Breathing Life into Old PCs! 32/64 bit DVD
4MLinux is a Linux distribution that requires fewer system resources and can even run on 128 MB of RAM. The desktop edition comes only for 32-bit architecture while the server edition is of 64-bit.
4MLinux can also be used as a rescue CD along with serving as a full-fledged working system or as a mini-server.
It is named 4MLinux because it focuses mainly on four points, called the “4 M”:
  • Maintenance – You can use 4MLinux as a rescue Live CD.
  • Multimedia – There is inbuilt support for almost every multimedia format, be it for Image, Audio and Video.
  • Miniserver – A 64-bit server is included running LAMP suite, which can be enabled from the Application Menu.
  • Mystery – Includes a collection of classic Linux games.
Most of the Linux distributions are either based on Debian with DEB packages or Fedora with RPM. 4MLinux, on the other hand, does not rely on these package management systems, is pretty damn fast and works quite well on older systems.
Experiencing 4MLinux
The default desktop screen has a dock at the top with most common applications pinned. There is a taskbar, a Conky theme with option to turn it on/off in the dock and a clock at the bottom right corner. Left click on the desktop opens the application menu.
The CPU usage is minimal with less than 2% and RAM was less than 100 MB.
4MLinux comes with a number of applications tabbed under different sections. There is Transmission for torrent downloads, Tor is included by default and Bluetooth support is there.
Under Maintenance, there are options to backup the system and recover using TestDisk and GNUddrescue, CD burning tools are available along with partitioning tools. There are a number of Monitoring tools and Clam Antivirus.
Multimedia section includes various video and music players and mixers, image viewers and editors and tools for digital cameras.
Mystery section is interesting. It includes a number of console games like Snake, Tetris, Mines, Casino etc.
You can either boot this to run in live straight from the DVD, or install it alongside your existing operating system (and select which one you want to use every time you boot up).

This is (honestly!) an easy install (as per the instructions below)

1) Ensure that your PC is switched off

2) Place the DVD into the DVD drive

3) Switch on the PC

4) When the logo appears then press a key to get to your setup; typical keys are shown below:

ManufacturerKeyAcerEsc, F12, F9AsusEsc, F8ClevoF7DellF12FujitsuF12, EscHPF9, EscLenovoF12, Novo, F8, F10SamsungEsc, F12, F2SonyF11, Esc, F10ToshibaF12others…F12, Esc

5) Change the boot settings to boot from DVD

6) Disable Secure/Fast Boot if present

7) Save and exit

8) The OS will now install, follow the instructions for a live OR an install to your PC

Reasons to buy from me:
1) I have many years experience of using Linux2) I use quality Sandisk/Kingston branded USB sticks or Verbatim DVDs (not cheap generic bulk)3) Reliable and proven seller4) Same day dispatch if ordered before 4pm
If you have any questions then please contact me!

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