Latest Knoppix Linux 8.6.1 OS 64 Bit on DVD or 8GB USB Flash Drive New Release For Sale

Latest Knoppix Linux 8.6.1 OS 64 Bit on DVD or 8GB USB Flash Drive New Release

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Latest Knoppix Linux 8.6.1 OS 64 Bit on DVD or 8GB USB Flash Drive New Release:

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Latest Knoppix 8.6.1

64 Bit Linux Operating System

On DVD or 8GB USB Flash Drive

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Released 14th October 2019

A Comparison Option #1.....Water is Free - Go to a Park & Drink it From a Tap = Most Linux Distributions Online Option #2.....Pay a Fortune - Buy it in A Pretty Bottle = Other Operating Systems in a Nice Box Option #3.....Buy It Cheap - Get the Water at Home From the Tap = <GIVE ME SOME MONEY & I WILL PUT IT IN A PLAIN BOTTLE (DVD or FLASH DRIVE) & POST IT TO YOU>

What is Knoppix?

KNOPPIXis an open source Linux distribution that gained its popularity from the fact that the ISO image provides users with a modern live environment, included a large collection of applications, and supported numerous hardware components.

Distributed as a Live ISO on DVD or Flash Drive

The Live ISO consists of a vast collection of GNU/Linux software, support numerous graphics cards, sound cards, USB devices, various peripherals and SCSI disks.

It can be used to boot an existing OS, run a memory test, or start the live environment in safe graphics mode.

Based on the KDE desktop environment

It was always based on the KDE desktop environment, which provides users with a very modern, eye-candy desktop experience and access to top-notch open source applications and utilities.

To run KNOPPIX, you will need to have a computer with at least an Intel or AMD-compatible CPU (i486 and up), 120 MB of RAM for the graphical desktop (500MB recommended), a bootable CD-ROM/DVD drive or a USB flash disk, a standard SVGA-compatible video card,and a USB or PS/2 mouse.

Default applications

Default applications include the Apache OpenOffice office suite, Mozilla Firefox web browser, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) image editor, MPlayer video player, as well as various other utilities for data rescue, system repair and network analysis tasks.

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